Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Classes are starting September 16

Teeanne and Gene are in the Halloween spirit!

Susan and David Link looked fabulous!!

Our Last Year's Halloween Party

We are getting back to dancing for the fall season. We had one class already, but then Bruce went on a little vacation, and will be back on the 16th to start for real. He is really excited about all the new dances he picked up at Stockton Folk Dance Camp. These are not exactly Vintage dances, but definitely fun couple dances. So now is the time to come out and give us a try. We welcome couples AND singles. Lots of us are singles. We just all dance with each other, and it seems to work out!

We had a fun time this summer going to the wonderful Strauss Festival to see our own Vick Vickland and Jean Schrieber performing. Susan and David Link hosted us by getting us a space to sit, and lending us their home as a parking lot so we could carpool there. It was a beautiful evening and we were very proud to see our members participating! Susan and David have also danced in the Festival in the past , but are in retirement now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June-July-August Vintage Dancers

We had our final party for this year, and will be looking forward to getting back together in the first week of  September.  Sad, but we laughed ourselves silly trying to do the siamese twin quadrille  We are getting together in July to go to the Strauss Festival.  Susan and David Link are recent retirees from that Festival, so they are hosting us.  We expect to be blown away by the dancing and we will be cheering Vick Vickland and Jean Schrieber, who are working hard right now to be in the big show!

We just received sad news that Inge Kress has had a stroke, but we don’t know much more than that.  She is in the hospital ICU undergoing tests.  Cards can be sent to Monica Kress, 1718 Sylvan Way #710, Lodi, Ca 95242  or to Inge’s house  at 4104 Bainbridge Drive, North Highlands, Ca 95660.

Barbara Malakoff

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Performing for the Camellia Festival is a wonderful experience!  This year we had three new dancers, Jean Schrieber, and Susan and David Link, who had all danced with the Strauss Festival.  Welcome to them!  And welcome back to Chuck Paulsen who had been out for a year.  We were missing Al and Teddy Wolterbeek because Al is still recovering from back surgery, but it took a lot of work to keep him from dancing.  We had to speak very sternly to him!

We had a small “wardrobe malfunction”, but if you didn’t notice it, I’m not going to tell you about it!  Bruce did his usual magic in getting us “stage-ready.”  It is always a small miracle. Merry-go-Round Waltz was choreographed by him, and is one of our favorites.  The Gibson House Quadrille was from the late 19th century, and Bruce used as a prop an authentic dance card from that era.  He called it for us as a Dance Master would have done in that era.

Vick Vickland is going to be joining the Strauss Festival this year with Jean Schrieber.  We wish them good luck!  (If you see Vick around, ask him about his “talking shoe”.  It is amazing!)

Now we are planning to just have fun for the rest of the year.  We will have classes until mid-May and then take the summer off.  Come and check us out.  Partner not needed.  Knowing how to waltz is very helpful.  Welcome to Cynthia, who saw us dance at the Camellia Festival, and decided it looked like a lot of fun!  We are having a lot of fun with her!

Barbara Malakoff